Where is your success?

If you’re having trouble moving forward, figuring out the next step in your life – whether it be your career, your business, or your personal life and you feel that you just don’t know which way to take things, looking to your past could offer up clues.

We all go through these stages – at least I have, and I see many of my clients go through the same – where we just don’t know where to turn next. 

One method would be to get really clear on what it is YOU want.

Another is to look to your own historical successes – whatever they may look like (one person’s successes look VERY different from another persons’):

Was there a time when you felt on top of your game?

You see, part of the barrier of figuring out what your next step could be is thinking about the what-ifs and thinking about how we are lacking in some way.  We are really good at this, as humans. 

Or, we think  since we’re at a different stage in our life/career/business we think we have to BE completely different. In some instances this can be true, but I encourage you not to forget that your past experiences and wins can help guide you through to your future goals.

Those successes could be closing major deals, contributing to an important project, living in a certain city and having a balanced life.  Or that time when you stood up and believed in your idea, wrote your first blog post or delivered a major presentation.

What were YOU doing?  Where were you – who were you with, what tasks did you take on that led to this success? 

What were you NOT doing?

When was your personal or professional life in order?

When did things feel easier?

Once you’ve identified some of these examples, is there a way to do that again now – only in a way that’s relevant to your present circumstances?

Are you able to use this thread of what worked for you to help you achieve future goals?

Pick up on your own thread of success…what worked for you and use this insight to foster your own growth. 

Forget all the rest. Put aside the unknowns of unfamiliarity. 

Focus on what you know to be true for you.

This is a powerful exercise to think about particularly if you are trying to find a new job, find a way to make your career more fulfilling to you, figuring out what you “want to be when you grow up” or what skills to draw on that you can use to help your business grow.

Keying in on past wins could be a missing link to meeting new successes now.

YOUR time is NOW.


PS: If you need help in figuring this out, please reach out to me. Together, we can move you to your next impactful step.