Want something? Stop thinking about it, take action now.

I've noticed something that happens to many of us when we have a goal we want to achieve... Something we’ve never achieved before.

I've observed many times in my clients, my colleagues, friends, and myself (!), that once we have a goal or thought of something we want….we quickly go to what’s missing in us and why we aren't ready to go after it yet.

We start putting up roadblocks for ourselves right away.

Example - thinking, "I don't have that skill or qualification" when thinking about applying for a job posting, or getting involved in a new project or starting a new business or service.

We think about everything we DON'T know. The skills we DON’T HAVE. Or, it’s not the right time. We think about how many ways we are DEFICIENT in that area or why it would not work.

We get in our own way.

And, so many of us leave that opportunity on the table for next time or down the road or… just-not-yet - you know, for when we are 100% ready.

Are we ever 100% ready for anything?

Some of us will put a plan together to obtain that skill and take steps towards it. This can be a useful approach if we’re also doing other things to move ourselves forward so learning doesn't become a barrier to act.

It feels very safe to think..."I can't get started until I earn this certificate, or get this qualification."


So, what do you do, on day 1 when you have that certificate? Do you start your business that day? Do you wait for a job to open up for which you are qualified?

What about, when viewing an opportunity...instead of looking at it and convincing yourself of all the things you are NOT...

 ...why not flip it around to all the things that YOU ARE?

What do you know NOW, that can move you forward in this moment? Is there a step you can take NOW that gets you closer to your goal?

What if....

You realize you have 70% of the qualifications for that job posting and you are going to apply for it anyway.

At some companies, the hiring manager may offer a post-interview feedback session to share their impressions of your interview techniques, your experiences and what you can do next time to improve. What feedback that would be! In addition, you get to practice your interview skills!

Moreover, knowing that you applied lets everyone know that you are interested in moving forward or interested in exploring opportunities within your organization…and you are motivated.

Wouldn't you be floored if you actually GOT the job? You never know who else is applying and what the hiring manager feels that you can learn 'on the job'. Awesome!

What if....

You had a conversation with your VP, or Director and told them that you are very interested in that new job.  Why not suggest that you are ready to learn the skills now and share some of your ideas, and ask for their input? Are there projects you can be involved in to learn the skills now?


Or, maybe you decide you want to take your business into a new path and add a service...What would happen if you thought about what you KNOW now?

You may realize that you know a lot about that new service ALREADY and you know a lot about your IDEAL CLIENT...and what you don't know, you'll learn along the way.  Based on what you DO know, what can you do today to move ahead in this area?

Taking action while picking up and acquiring the bits and pieces of knowledge and skills you think you will need will help you get ahead faster.

You never know, that skill you thought you would need...maybe it'll turn out not to be as important as you thought it was after all. (On the other hand, if it is - your experience has reconfirmed it will be valuable to learn.)

While I am a HUGE advocate of learning & personal development, I find it is all too easy to hide behind it, and be in ‘learning’ mode, and use it as an excuse to not taking the steps that we need to be making.

Many times, our best learning is by doing. NOT thinking...DOING.

Get out of your office and have a conversation with your manager about your intentions and interests.

Get off your couch and go talk to business owners, entrepreneurs or your ideal client if you want to start a business.

Want to serve a different market or add a service? Start talking to those clients first hand. Get their input, which will help you build your service.


You don't get what you want by sitting behind your desk or analyzing your situation to death on your couch.

What do you know now, that can move you forward to YOUR goal?

I believe you know more than you think you do and you are more ready than you think you are.

What will be your action step today?