What is your Purpose?

Have you ever gone from job to job giving it your best shot, finding success, (or in some cases not)...only to discover that what you thought was going to be the perfect work for you, just.....wasn't?


Are you still looking for work that connects with who you are and what you truly want to be doing?

Do you feel that something is missing?

Or feel like there’s something else that you 'should' be doing, and that you aren't fully expressing the potential you feel inside?

Are you trying to find YOUR Purpose? 

For years, I looked outside of myself to find these answers....(hint: googling, 'What is my Purpose'? doesn't work...Google is good, but not that good....!)

Through a lot of internal work and self-reflection, I discovered that I had been expressing my Purpose all along, within every job I had - I just wasn't able to see it and identify it.

I knew there was work I was happy doing. And, there was work I wasn't happy doing.

I was at my worst when my jobs required me (or I felt required) to push the work I enjoyed the most, to the side, for other types of work.

I also thought that if I only found that one profession...I could BE that!...but in my case, this wasn't it at all.  And, I see that for so many others...  

We express our Purpose in a number of different ways.  It's not necessarily a profession but it's the type of work that energizes you and feels like it's so completely what you need to be doing.

Identifying and Working Your Purpose is about uncovering what you're good at, when you're at your best, your values and how this gets expressed into the world.

Many seek out their Purpose when they're trying to start a business or become an entrepreneur. Your Purpose can also be expressed in your 9-5 job or in your after-hours hobbies or volunteer work. 

We're happiest and most confident when we do work we're good at, enjoy and has value to others.  It's about uncovering what it is for you and developing it. 

I developed a guide to help those who are searching, motivated and inspired to uncover and develop their Purpose: 


Work Your Purpose: A guide to finding and doing your work. And, it's FREE - get it here.

It's a starting point. And, it's an important starting point.

This guide will help you identify when you're at your best.  It'll help you to see what you hold of value and get you thinking about how you can express this in your every day job or business.  

It may even help you lay the ground work for that big decision of whether you need to break free and forge your own path....

Come over and sign up to receive your copy and get to work. YOUR WORK.

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