Why do you do what you do?

While you consider that, I thought I'd share why I do what I do...

I've worked with many types of people, in many industries, in several different capacities.

I've had a lot of success in my career working hard and learning along the way.

Yet, in spite of the successes, I always felt that there was something missing to it all, like I was never in the right place. Never quite doing the exact work that I was supposed to be doing. 

I always focussed on what was needed of me at the time, challenging myself, learning, meeting great people - it wasn't bad at all, and I tremendously valued my colleagues and informal mentors I've had through my career.

Something else was calling to me and I just couldn't figure it out.

It made me feel restless and that I hadn't 'figured out what I was going to be when I grew up' yet.

It made me enormously frustrated to feel this.

On the surface I had all the markers of a successful work life. Yet, nothing was ever quite good enough. I wanted more, but didn't know what that 'more' was or how to even think about going after it.

Was it even possible?

Once I decided that for once and for all I was going to figure it out, I started a journey that has taken me down paths that I had never imagined for myself before - but ultimately ties into the overall vision I had for myself. 

This was four years ago. 

I've been able to make changes in my life that were so completely what I needed and completely me, that make me thankful every day that I had the courage to face the niggling feelings and explore them. 

I shifted completely my idea of what type of work fulfills me. I became attuned to my own skills and talents and how I can better use these to be even more effective in my work and to support others.

I learned that real change begins inside with your own mindset.

I experienced first-hand what I had long-suspected - people can create the lives that they want. 

People have the power to create anything for themselves.

I feel so passionate about this that I created my company to help others affect change for themselves. 

When I see people who are tired of their situations and resigned to the fact that 'this must be the way it has to be', this just gets under my skin and I want to yell (and I'm not a yeller, or a particularly loud person) and tell them that different IS possible! 

Contentment, fulfillment, happiness, owning your drive, motivation, inspiration, success....it's ALL possible. 

We are creators and we can create and build and lead our own lives in a way that is true for each person.

This means we can work the way that will make us feel energized, valuable, confident, and strong.

We can live a life where we are happy, we know and do the things that bring us joy and find our own sources of satisfaction and fulfillment.

We are completely capable of starting a business and working with clients we want to be working with and doing our own work that we feel we have to, or want to do.

We are capable of doing this while being healthy physically and mentally.

This is why I do what I do.

To help others on their own path to create what is possible for them.

I do this in the context of Career, Business, Leadership and Sales coaching, but it always comes down to the individual person and what they want to create for themselves.

The type of life they want to lead for themselves.

What is possible?

We each have a power that is unbelievably strong. 

We just need to learn how to uncover it and tap into it.

We need to find ways to express our power in our own way. 

When we tap into our inner strength and believe that the far-off ideas that float around in your head could come true, this is when magic happens. 

And, it's amazing to witness someone who realizes their own potential, and has the courage to move towards it.

That's why I do what I do.

In this new year, what will you have the courage for?

It's in you.

NOW is YOUR time.


PS. If you're ready to explore this for yourself, join me for the Work Your Purpose coaching program. You'll be happy you did.