Should I make a career change?

I met someone randomly the other day and we got to chatting.

The topic came up about the type of work I do and I told him I was a Career & Business coach. His eyes got wide and said, "I could have used your help a couple of years back!". 

He proceeded to tell me his story of working in the financial industry and how he became so dissatisfied that it significantly impacted him professionally and personally. He said that he almost became a different person. 

He shared how he had become unhappy with his job.  He felt so drained by his work and that he didn't feel like himself. He told me that at one point his family was visiting and told him he was hardly recognizable and were worried for him. He lacked energy and he wasn't happy.

He recounted how drained it made him feel.  He was in the wrong line of work and he knew it. He knew he needed to make a change. 

As he told the story, I noticed his body language completely change. He was a vibrant, energized, engaging person, but as he spoke about that time in his life, his body became hunched, his energy waned and he looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Simply from re-telling an experience that happened a couple of years ago!

I could only imagine what his family had seen in him during that visit.

In fact, I didn't have to imagine, because the same thing happened to me as well. But this story is about him. 

He spoke about making a change from the Financial industry into a brand new industry. As he spoke about this transition, his face lit up, his voice became more vibrant, full of energy and enthusiasm and his shoulders relaxed.

It was as if I witnessed his entire career transition right in front of me.

He seemed to really love his work now and he appeared (he didn't say this, but I'm observing) that he is able to be more of himself.  

He talked abouthis ideas to serve his clients and the community.  These were ideas were completely different than anyone else in his industry was doing.

This conversation was thrilling for me. When I hear about or witness someone who has the awareness, the courage to change their situation for the better, it amazes me. each. time. 

See, it's my belief that he will do more good in his world, for the clients and people he works with. He'll make a greater impact in what he does day-to-day. 

He will be a better husband and father.

He will be a more productive member of the community.

This is the power of tuning into your heart and your instincts. The power of taking action.

The power of using your talents and strengths in a way that aligns to your interests and desires of WHO you want to BE in this world. Of HOW you want to work with people.

The power of awareness and action can create ripple effects yet they often go un-noticed. We don't live in a vortex of just us. We may think we're too small or insignificant to make an impact on the world. But, I believe we're not.

Think about the impact to his world? The impact he will make with family members, community and friends? His industry?

What if you chose to do something that you do so well, in the service of others, that results in  making a significant impact in the lives of others?

As Steve Farber, author of the The Radical Leap and The Radical Edge says "Doing what you love in the service of people who love what you do" will change the way you lead.

Imagine what this man would become if he didn't make the decision to change his situation? If he continued to suffer under the weight of mis-aligned work? Resigned himself to an idea that 'this is the way it has to be'?

Now, imagine who he can become now that he has made the leap and transition...? Imagine what this newly energetic, happy, engaging personality standing in front of me can achieve and could be capable of?

NOW is YOUR time,


PS. Sometimes, it only takes a small change to make a big impact. It's doesn't always require a job change or full career change. If you feel you want to explore something that's not working for you, contact me.


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