Do you plan for the 1 thing that can stop you in your tracks!

I've noticed that when we plan to accomplish a goal and create our actions, there's a piece missing that can de-rail so many of us.  Setting the goal and determining how we'll get there is only a piece of the puzzle...

Accounting for that 'thing' that can throw us off course could be an important component of your next goal setting and action planning exercise.....

What is it? - you ask.


Can you relate?

As we create our action plans... what would it be like to consider what to do when fear inevitably rears it's forceful head?

Fear pops up whenever we try something new & expand out of our comfort zone. This shows up when we explore a new career, considering any type significant change, wanting to commit to the next level of personal performance, launching a product or service....there are a number of times that fear just jumps up and makes us second guess ourselves. 

So, what if, as part of our action plan to go after our goal, we created actions around the emotions that are expected to pop up along the way? 

How will you address it?  What tactics could you use?

How do we plan for fear?

One place to begin is to understand what triggers it.  When does it typically set in for you?

If you think back to the last time you noticed it or even now, as you contemplate current choices, when does it start to creep in?

Does it set in the moment just before you try something new? Just before you put something out there that others will see? When you stand in the front of the room, when you feel caught off guard? When you’re not prepared?

When you identify a couple of triggering moments for you, consider this:   How can I plan to stay the course?

THINK:  I know fear is going to pop up...what is my plan to deal with it when it does? 

Could the answer be in what's worked for you in the past?.....Whether this was forging ahead in spite of it, repeating a mantra, countering with gratitude, remembering your larger purpose/mission/goal....?  

Fear really never goes away, but we can learn to move forward in spite of the fear.

My feeling on this is that since this is a very natural part of our brain kicking in the moment our environment begins to change or we contemplate change, and we know this, why don't we plan a way to deal with it?  

We set a goal, we create the actions around it, we do what needs to be done, but often we don't consider the almost inevitable challenge that comes up that has the power to stop us in our tracks!

If we know this is 'probably' going to pop up (ie. most likely) then let's add it to the action plan too!

What do you think?

I would love to hear if this resonated with you and how you might plan to deal with fear when it comes to taking your next big step.

NOW is YOUR time.


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