Are you ready for your new story?

We are a culmination of our experiences and environment.

We are the main protagonist in our story. We hold on to our stories of who we've been and they become our identity.

But, what happens when a part of our story no longer serves us? What happens when we hold onto a part of our story that actually limits our future growth and success?

What happened in the past shapes us, refines our skills, gives us perspective, gives us the sense of experience and knowing but what happens when we aren't only taking the lessons of yesterday but holding onto the pain, the frustration, or the indignation? 

Those feelings cast a shadow on our current living and experience of situations now. We bring those feelings and perspective of feeling into our present; into our conversations and interactions with people. And, when we bring these into our current situations, people pick up on those feelings and respond to those feelings. 

So often, we aren't aware of the emotions we hold onto or if we are, we somehow relate it to a situation that's happening now. The feeling of frustration or of despair of not feeling like you can handle a situation now is often rooted in a similar situation or feelings in your past that has triggered you in some way.

Finding a way to release old stories, old feelings can serve us better today, particularly if they are limiting your growth and development as a career professional, a leader and business owner.  

How can one release their old story?

1) Awareness is powerful. Being aware of feelings and repetitive thought patterns is a huge step. If you've travelled often down the same road, this can be an indication that you're going through the same patterns of thinking and behaving. If you are experiencing a similar situation over and over again, but with different people and circumstances, chances are you are bringing your past emotions & perspective into your current reality.

2) Find a way to release and let go. Once you're aware of your own thought patterns, ask yourself: How are these thoughts serving me today? How are they no longer serving me? Write down your answers and keep writing as you think about the question. You'll get to the impact these patterns are having on your life.

3) Choose a new story. This is the time to decide what you choose to believe. What do you want to replace your past thought patterns with? Ask yourself: What new belief will serve my future growth, success and happiness? Write down as much as comes to mind and don't limit yourself.  

4) Continue writing your new belief each day - even multiple times per day. Find a way to remind yourself of it often. Take your new belief with you in your conversations, your meetings, any interactions and particularly when you are reflecting on past situations. Keep your new belief top of mind. 

This could take time. Be patient with yourself. Remember that you are investing in yourself and in your future happiness, success and growth.

NOW is YOUR time.


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