Your car, a puzzle, sleep and your business

Like the cylinders in a car or cogs in a wheel, your business has components that make it run well. 

When one of the pieces are lost from the puzzle, it has a gaping hole and isn't complete (until you find the piece under the rug!).

If you look at your health and consider the components that go into good health: eating well, exercising, enough sleep, strong mental health, strong relationships/support. If one of those go, you can go on, but it gets more and more difficult and you put stress on the other systems to compensate for the failed one.

Just like your car's engine, your healthy body, or a puzzle, when one component isn't working, your entire business begins to struggle to keep up. 

You may not notice it at first, but then the symptoms begin: the need to work longer hours, the reduced cash flow, the high turnover, etc.

  • We often think that if we're struggling with cash flow, the answer is to sell more (sometimes it is, but often there's more to it).
  • If we can't keep good employees, we say "there just aren't any strong candidates out there".
  • We miss family gatherings and haven't taken a vacation in a while and we tell ourselves that after you land another contract you'll take time off, or think that you're the only one that can do what you do, so you HAVE to be there each day.

You see, the health of your business comes down to six main pillars: your Owner mindset, your Leadership skills, how you Build & Develop your team (or you could be getting ready to hire for the first time), your Competitive edge, your Financial model & your Sales plan. 

These six pillars form the Sustain & Grow Small Business Blueprint.  

When one of these are out of whack, it puts pressure on the rest of the systems to compensate. 

Then, more of YOUR time and effort go into compensating as the business owner.

So, what system isn't working in your business? What could your business look like if it were?

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I'm currently holding consultations with business owners to support them in discovering what's not working and what is, and what would take to get your business back on track. If you're experiencing cash flow issues, owner burnout, struggling personal relationships and business fatigue, then let's speak.

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There's a solution to getting your business 'firing on all cylinders'. Many times it's tweaking more than one of the systems involved.

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I've opened 4 opportunities this month for Business Accelerator consultations (it used to be 5, but one business owner as claimed a spot already!). This is a 1 hour 1:1 consultation where you'll leave with 1) clarity on what system isn't working in your business 2) a picture of what your business could look like and 3) your best next step.

NOW is YOUR time.


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