The power of Intention in your career & business

This power is not to be underestimated.

Your Intention can make profound things happen. It can create changes or actions that may feel small at the time but can have a big impact on how your life events unfold.

When I look back on the things that have happened for me and in my career over time, I realized that so much came to life because of an intention I set for myself.

I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing at the time but after reflecting on it, it’s exactly what I did.

I was setting an intention to have an experience. (This to me, makes it different than setting a goal).

I had the intention of working in a creative environment in the area of marketing or advertising and then landed a marketing role, even though I didn’t have marketing experience, but landed the job anyway.

I had the intention of working part-time in a strategic role, and then was able to do so at a company where that wasn't part of the corporate culture...and I was able to do that for two years.

I had the intention of living in a place in the world with access to the ocean and that connected me with nature. And, after living in the biggest city in Canada for almost a decade, the opportunity materialized and this is where I live today.

I intended to work to support others in their professional and business growth. This is what I now spend my days doing in the business I created.

What is intention?

Intention can be defined as:

An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

What is the action or result that you intend for yourself?

How can you use the power of setting an intention in your career, your business or in life?

Here are the steps that I have followed:

  1. Set your intention.
  2. What would it look like if you already attained what you are looking for? What would someone who has already attained that, be doing? How do they act, how do they interact with colleagues & staff, what is their commitment level. WHO are they?
  3. How can that inspire the action you take right now towards that intention?


  1. Perhaps your intention is to become a better leader in what you do, whether it’s at work or in your business.
  2. Then consider: What would you – as leader – look like? What kind of person are you as leader? What kind of skills would you have?
    1. Perhaps, you, as leader, are a strong listener, perhaps you are collaborative, or able to share your ideas in a way that influences others.
  3. How can this picture, inspire you to take action towards your intention now?
    1. What are you drawn to in this picture? Are you drawn to the idea that they can influence others, they are self-aware, or effective listeners? 
    2. What can you do now, to become more self-aware, learn to listen more deeply or learn a skill that will help you engage with others more effectively?

This is how you can begin to make your intention a reality.

What intention do you want to set for yourself today? It can be big picture or it can be an intent to 'feel' or 'be' a certain way today. 

I would love to hear it - hit 'reply' to this email and let me know!

NOW is YOUR time.


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