How one simple idea can lead to more success

I was out for a long walk recently and before heading out, I had been on the phone booking time to connect with someone I just met at a recent networking event. I'm looking forward to this meeting because I could end up working on some new projects with this person down the road.

This chance encounter was not so 'by chance'. And, it reinforced a concept that I learned early on in my sales career...

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

It wasn't 'by chance' because I had been very focussed on going to more networking events. 

This adage of "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" reaches far beyond my cold calling days and contributes to successes on many other professional and personal fronts.

Back in my sales days, when I was 'Out of sight', I was 'out of mind' to potential buyers. So, I made many new contacts a day, connected regularly with existing clients and continued building relationships by staying in touch regularly.

As I run my own business now, I find this idea grounds many of my marketing and relationship building initiatives.

Here's how:

1) I'm very intentional about finding frequent ways to connect with my potential clients in-person.
2) For colleagues, I maintain & nurture newly made professional relationships by finding ways to introduce them to others, meet regularly, and stay current on what they are doing professionally.
3) I blend all of my interactions with colleagues and potential clients with in-person, electronic and phone contact. (Be careful if you are noticing ALL of your interactions are by email. This is very one-dimensional and may not create the meaningful interactions you're trying to build!) 

When I visit my own goals for my business and my personal life, I need to review them often. It's too easy for them to get lost in the daily transactions of life, so I very literally apply this concept to keeping my goals very visible for me to see and remind myself of my priorities each week.

"Out of sight, Out of mind" has wide implications for your Career too. Especially if you work virtually. Think of productive ways you can maintain your connections in a virtual (or in person) environment and to have regular contact with your colleagues, your manager, your manager's manager and colleagues in other departments. This broadens your own internal network and increases your political capitol.

But this isn't just any type of interaction.  Take a broad view of the organization and be interested in initiatives and strategies that will advance your department's goals and the broader business unit or even the organization.

Make interactions valuable. Share ideas, thoughts, new initiatives, make introductions, ask about their initiatives, projects, where they are most challenged. 

There are many ways we could explore here. 

Consider this:

With whom do you want to be top of mind?

In what ways can you demonstrate your value productively to that person (or people) and create a meaningful professional relationship?

A successful coach I've worked with often says, "Obscurity is the enemy of success".

So, if Obscurity is the enemy of success, make sure you stay connected and top of mind!

NOW is YOUR time.


PS: If you want to explore this further in your own career or business, I invite you for a consultation where you'll come away knowing your next best step.