Are you in a career rut...?

For me, weekends can often be an opportunity for me to reconnect with my mission and purpose behind the work that I do (you know…amidst kid's activities and errands :) ). Whenever it may be, taking time - often - is really important for me so I can check in with WHY I do what I do because it continues to fuel my passion and purpose.

This idea of reconnection and career came up recently in a video I recorded about identifying a purpose and creating a greater connection to the work you do.

This is a BIG topic.

Not one that can be fully covered off in a 10 minute video, but I wanted to share some thoughts and a few ideas for you to consider.

Specifically, this video was created for those of you who may feel that you are in a 'career rut' or simply dissatisfied with the way your career is going.

You see, my mission is to help YOU, build the career or business you love.
And, I’ve chosen the topic of career dissatisfaction, because it comes up a LOT with people who reach out to me.

I'm often asked questions like:  

How can I figure out what I want to do?
Is it possible to be happier doing what I do?
…and, How do I figure out what the next step is…?

I want to share a piece of research with you…..
Research conducted by Nielsen on behalf of the human resources software company, Ceridian, found that nearly three quarters of respondents were either looking for work, or would consider jumping ship if approached with the right opportunity.  

This research was conducted in both the US and Canada.

Breaking down the numbers – 37% said they were actively or casually looking and 36% say they’d consider a new position if recruited.

This tells me that people are dissatisfied and/or not feeling purposeful and connected to the work they do. 
Sometimes this connection can be re-established and re-invigorated with some small tweaks....and sometimes it’s an indication that it’s time to make some bigger changes. 
So, I invite you to take a look at this video for some suggestions on how to identify work that creates that sense of purpose and connection and some actions you can take to get yourself out of a career rut: 


If this topic resonates with you then you may be interested to know that I am opening up a new way that we can work together.

I am launching a program for those interested in Creating a Career plan that will generate increased purpose and connection with the work you do, so you can be happier, more fulfilled and step into the next phase of your career with confidence. 
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NOW is YOUR time.