It all begins with a decision.

A decision so powerful it changes the course of things.


At first, it’s not visible on the surface, to anyone else.


It stays unnoticed until the ripple effects of that decision make their way to the surface and people begin to notice little things.


Subtle differences.


Enough so they may take notice and for a brief moment, note that something is different, but they can’t quite put their finger on it.


A lot of time may pass, or maybe not.


Then, you begin to act, do, say things that are consistent. Maybe it’s a change for you, maybe it isn’t. But, there’s something consistent and regular about it now.


It looks like a commitment.


And, other things begin to happen, they see you begin to win contracts, they see you influence others, they notice outward successes and see you getting results.


'Now', they wonder, ‘What happened?’.


They wonder how it happened ‘all of a sudden’.


They see almost over-night the fact that you are achieving, you seem happier, you seem to ‘have it all’. 


You seem to know what you’re doing, have a plan.


How did that happen?  ‘What did you start to do’, they ask? ‘How did it happen so fast?’


They begin to analyze what you do each day, trying to emulate, learn and achieve a part of the success you are experiencing.


But, they don’t see the most important step. The piece that started it all.


The invisible piece that may have happened years ago…or months ago.


The piece that is subtle yet powerful. The biggest step in the whole process.


It’s the decision.


The intent to go after something.


To be different. To be more of the same. To be someone who does the things that need doing. To consistently be doing the work that makes headway.


To be a leader and work with purpose.


The decision begins it all. The catalyst.


The force that creates motion.


‘So’, they ask, ‘What decision did you make?’


Yet, that’s the wrong question.


The right question is: “What decision will YOU make?”


NOW is YOUR time.



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