I work with creative & motivated Career Professionals who no longer enjoy their work, or want to move on to the next phase in their career, but struggle with their next step. 

They feel overwhelmed with ideas of where they 'think' they should go or what they should/want to do but they're really not sure what to do next. What they do know, is.....they can't stay doing what they're doing any longer. 

Often, the biggest challenge I see when I work with my clients is a lack of clarity around what he/she wants to do. They are unsure how to focus their interests into something constructive and there's often a fear of making the 'wrong' choice and leaving the stability of where they are today.

I always meet my clients where they are. Typically, we go through these powerful stages to create a plan and path that gets them un-stuck:

Clarity Stage - we identifying strengths, interests and values. 
Impactful Action stage - we create possibilities, identify opportunities and explore
Managing outcomes - maintain and manage our network, opportunities and make a career or new business decision

This process supports the motivated Career Professional in identifying their next steps so they can confidently step into the next phase of their career or into a new business venture. 

Coaching packages available: 3-12 months

For a complimentary discovery session to see if 1:1 coaching is the next step for you and to determine what package will meet your needs, please send me your details below.  

You will be contacted within 24-48 business hours after you submit your information to arrange our discovery session together.  

I'm so looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your

goals, dreams and desires for yourself!

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