Through Career Coaching, Executive Coaching & Job Search Coaching, we support the motivated Career Professional in aligning their many interests and skills to create opportunities in their next steps so they can confidently step into the next phase of their career or into a new business venture. With clarity, they understand which path is right for them so they achieve the balance they need, their leadership potential or the meaningful work they desire. 


If you could have met me two years ago, you would have seen a busy woman working 9 hours per day, exercising three times a week and hanging out with her friends all the time. Was I happy? The answer was no. I hated my situation so much, but I couldn't find a way to escape from it. I didn't know how to start to change my life. I lived almost two years without direction and being completely ashamed of myself. I was tired of that situation.

...I started to look for a life coach and I met Halifax. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but I started to create goals for myself with Ariana's help.

I knew it was important to beat depression with exercise, so I started to get serious about my relationship with the gym and I wanted to lose weight.

And...I started a blog where I can share my experiences, particularly about being a new-comer to Canada. I always loved to write, but often I felt bad about making mistakes in English. I don’t have the best grammar expertise, I don’t follow structure, but I also know my strength is my positive mind. In one week I have reached almost 100 people on my page on facebook and I have more than 1 thousand views on my blog. 

I have two different projects for my career and I am more confident with my choices. My relationship with Ariana is based on trust and I know that I won’t be judged for my weakness. She encourages me to look for options around and choose the right moment to develop each one. Being coached by Ariana, who is a high performance coach, taught me that I can do whatever I want. I am very glad to have met her at this time in my life."

- Karina M.S., Customer Service Representative, Halifax, NS

"Ariana and I met....and immediately connected. We agreed to coach one another .... and share our coaching business ideas with each other. What I got out of my time with Ariana was so much more than that. In addition to her friendly, warm approach and exceptional listening skills, she used her intuition to guide our coaching conversations in a manner that best served me.  She had great suggestions when I needed ideas for my business, but she also wasn’t afraid to “dig deeper” with me when she sensed there was more going on than what I was telling her (or even realized myself). She helped me see that my biggest challenge wasn’t how to get a coaching business started; it was trusting my own intuition to guide me and allowing my passion and creativity to conquer the fear of failure. She ultimately helped me get comfortable with not jumping in 100% until I was truly ready and giving myself “permission” to change course as I saw fit. This was an important insight for me given my committed, driven nature. As a result, I relaxed and stopped worrying that I was doing enough to get my business going. I feel more confident it will happen when it is meant to happen, and I’ll be ready!"
Jeannie R. Phillips, Ph.D; Global R&D Learning Leader, Dow AgroSciences; Business Coach, Strategies for Success Coaching, Lebanon, Indiana