Build a career you love!

You're feeling that something in your career isn't right anymore and you feel that now is the time to explore it.

You may be thinking you need a job change, a career change or to start your own business.

Or, you may be thinking that perhaps a different perspective or approach is needed in your job so you feel more fulfilled and re-energized, rather than changing your job outright.

Join the Work Your Purpose coaching program so you can find answers to these questions and purpose in your work.


In this coaching program you'll focus on:

  • Finding clarity around what you're looking for or what you want from your career
  • Identifying the type of work that energizes you vs. depletes you
  • Establishing a success mindset
  • Action planning - putting your intentions into motion
  • Creating energy through your action-taking
  • Achieving your own personal success
  • Feeling like you are in control and purposeful with your Career plan.


What's involved? 

  • 6 personal 1:1 coaching sessions with me via phone over 3 months.
  • Take-away exercises aligned to your personal intentions and goals.
  • Email support
  • An option to extend the program  *

* At the end of the program you have an opportunity to extend our sessions together. Details and pricing will be discussed together if the coachee is interested in this option.

Are YOU ready to Work Your Purpose?

YES! Sign me up. 


PS: If you're interested in a payment plan option - select the "Contact Us" button (bottom of this page) and put Work Your Purpose into your message and tell me you're interested in the payment plan.

It can be disappointing when you've set intentions for yourself professionally and and in your heart you told yourself - this is the time

Or this is the year.

And, my guess is that if you're reading this, then there's something left undone for you.

Sometimes all you need is support and someone to help with accountability.

It's in YOU to accomplish.

Those professional or personal desires are there.

Now, you need to take action. 

Sometimes, it's not knowing where to start. 

Sometimes, we know what we need to do, but for some reason can't bring ourselves to take that first or second step.

Or maybe, we have a general idea of a goal or an intention, but it's not clear enough and the lack of clarity keeps us from taking action ....or taking the right action!

If any of this is familiar you don't have to do it alone...

Join me for Work Your Purpose - a coaching program that will get you re-focussed and re-energized so you can achieve your own professional and personal success, YOUR way.


In 6 1:1 coaching sessions over 3 months, we'll explore:

What you want to accomplish professionally - this is up to you.

How to accomplish the success you desire.

You'll have take-away exercises to continue working outside of our sessions together to keep you on-track and focussed.

Once you register, you'll be contacted to schedule our sessions together. If you have a vacation or time off planned - don't worry - we'll book around that!

Join me now.

NOW is YOUR Time.


PS: If you are interested in a payment plan option - select the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page and enter Work Your Purpose into your message and tell me you're interested in the payment plan.