Work Your Purpose


For over a decade, I've been going from corporate job to corporate job doing work that on the surface was awesome, but at it's core, didn't connect with who I was and what I truly wanted to be doing.

Something was missing.

There were so many times where I felt lost (with some exceptions - I'll get to that later), feeling like there was something else that I 'should' be doing, and I wasn't fully expressing the potential I felt inside.

I wanted to find my Purpose. 

I was so envious of people who knew what they wanted to be 'when they grew up'. I wanted that beyond belief for myself too.

For years, I looked outside of myself to find these answers....(hint: googling, 'What is my purpose'? doesn't work...Google is good, but not that good....!)

Through a lot of internal work, I discovered that I had been expressing my purpose all along, in the context of every job I had. Where I was happiest, was where I got to do this work more often. 

When I was at my worst, was when my job pushed this to the side for other things.

Also, I was looking for one profession to be my answer...but in my case, this was not it at all.  

And, I see that for so many other people.  

We can express our purpose a number of different ways, it's not necessarily a profession but it's the type of work that you energizes you and feels like it is so completely what you need to do.

For anyone out there that hasn't identified what their own work is yet, this Assessment is for you!

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